About Daniel Island Ferry

Don’t let the drive put a damper on your date. Don’t settle for a boring drive to downtown only to deal with parking hassles. Ride with us and make the evening special from the start!

30 minutes to downtown or join us for our 90 minute Sunset Harbor Cruise.

We are also available for charters, bachelorette parties, catered dinners and more. Please contact us to find out more.

Our beverage menu:

Michelob Ultra: $5

Land Shark Lager: $5

New Realm IPA: $7

Munkle Pilsner: $7

Tideland’s Banana Hammock: $7

Truly Seltzer: $7

Tipsy Wine Spritzer: $10

White wine: $6

Rose’: $6

Red Wine: $6

Water: $1

Sodas: $2

Meet the Team

Colby Hollifield, Co-Owner - Co-owner S. Colby Hollifield grew up sailing and boating on Charleston Harbor and the surrounding offshore and inland waters. After teaching sailing and making new boat deliveries in the Charleston area during college, Colby expanded his aquatic pursuits in California by teaching sea kayaking and rescue in the chilly waters off the California Coast while… Learn More
Captain Scott Connolly Scott Connolly, Co-Owner & Captain - Scott grew up fishing with his father and has always had a boat. Scott’s favorite time on the water is in the fall just as the sun is rising. “The water looks like a mirror and you can’t tell where the sky stops and the water starts,” he said. “The sky is a different color… Learn More
Chip Deaton, Co-Owner & Captain - Captain Paul McNeely Deaton III, also known as Chip, always knew he wanted to work on Charleston harbor. Even as a young boy he wanted to spend all his time on a boat. After six years in the navy and then working for three water taxi companies in Charleston, he decided to take on the… Learn More